Master the Practice of Self-Empowerment!

In this free one-hour Self-Empowerment Master Class, learn what self-empowerment really means and embrace 7 Foundational Practices you can focus on to bring self-empowerment into your day-to-day life! Check out the Master Class Look Book to get an idea of what the experience will include!

This master class is meant to be a group experience - gather your friends to learn with (and from) each other!

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Build community while also building self-love! 

Bring a group together to celebrate and focus on self-empowerment! Choose a date and time that works for everyone and look forward to coming together!

You can each join via Zoom from your own homes or you can gather for drinks or a meal to connect and then all watch the virtual master class together - whichever way works best for you!

Groups could include:

  • Your mom gang who's all in it together
  • Your small group from church
  • Your badass gym/workout gals
  • Your coworkers/professional colleagues
  • Your sorority sisters 
  • Any group that you enjoy connecting with that you'd want to share this experience with!

Let's come together in sisterhood and celebrate self-empowerment together! 

Host a Master Class!

Are you ready to set up a Master Class for your group? It's easy and will be planned completely around your needs!

As the host, follow these easy steps:

  1. Submit the Sign-Up Form through the button below
  2. Laura will contact you to confirm the date and time for your class
  3. Laura will provide a personalized link for your group to use to register (each person will register so that each person can receive all the pre and post class goodies!)

**As the host, you will receive a special Fullness & Grace thank you package after the class - I appreciate you bringing us all together, sister!

Feel free to share the Master Class Look Book with your friends as you chat with them about it. You can always reach out to Laura with any questions you all may come across as well!

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YES girl! Let's set up your Self-Empowerment Master Class!

Submit your information below and I'll contact you to chat through the details and get your class scheduled!

I'm so looking forward to connecting with you!