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Episode 12 - It's Easy to Feel Empowered on a Good Day, But What About on a Bad Day?

I know the feeling of "It's easy to feel empowered on a good day, but what about on a bad day?" and so today I'm going to walk through a couple different things you can turn to on those bad days to help support yourself through it and help yourself grow from it!

Episode 11 - My Story Told Through Poems

Today's episode is going to be a little bit different, I wanted to try something out with you guys—I wanted to share a piece of me with you. So a little fun fact about me, I've always loved to write. When I was younger I would write poems as an outlet for myself and my feelings. And then as I've gotten older, I've continued writing as a way to express my love and thoughts and understanding of myself and of the world.

So in the spirit of opening up and allowing you to get to know me a little bit better—I'm so excited to share with you a small collection of poems, some that I wrote 15 years ago and some that are brand new, but they all tell my story.

Part 1 shares my struggle after losing my mom and just how lost and broken I was as an individual for a long time

And then Part 2 shares my new sense of self, and my faith in God which has been a huge source of healing for me and just my new understanding of happiness.

Episode 10 - How To Overcome Expectations and Live a Happier Life

As you know, the main intention of this podcast is to go over ways we can incorporate self-empowering practices and beliefs into our day-to-day life, and so what we're going to talk about today is a simple shift in your perspective that can relieve you of so much stress and disappointment and negativity in your life.

We're going to look at how expectations show up in our lives, what expectations really look like and how we can work to release expectations so that they don't keep us boxed in and limit our happiness in our lives.

Episode 9 - How to Accomplish Things You THINK Are Out of Reach

Today's topic is how to accomplish things you THINK are out of reach. And I want to call out the fact that I'm saying 'THINK' are out of reach. Because that is really what we're going to be focusing on today.

We're going to walk through a handful of concepts that can help you adjust your thinking to feel more in control of your life that will empower you to accomplish things you THINK are out of your reach. We'll visit some of the most common limiting beliefs we run into and I'll provide some examples of how you can shift your perspective to overcome that negativity.

By making these small shifts in your thinking, you will be so pleasantly surprised to see how much more you're able to achieve in life! You'll feel so much more confident in your ability to pursue dreams and you'll see those dreams come to life!

Episode 8 - How Self-Empowerment Strengthens Your Relationships

As you know, here at Fullness & Grace, we embrace the practice of self-empowerment. And one of the best side-effects of embracing self-empowerment is that you naturally start treating other people in your life with all of the same acceptance, respect, acknowledgement, and empathy that you show yourself.

In this episode, we look deeper at how self-empowerment strengthens our relationships with others.

Episode 7 - How to Respond to Difficult Situations

Here at Fullness & Grace we celebrate self-empowerment and the belief that we have full control of our thoughts and the way we choose to receive things and respond to things in life. And these are all incredibly powerful beliefs to have!

On tough days or in tough situations or dealing with tough people—it's easy to fall into the belief that things are happening TO YOU and that you have no control of what happens or you have no control on how you feel about it or how you respond to it. That is what's called the victim mentality and it's exhausting and destructive and not helpful for you in life.

In this episode, we take a look at approaching difficult situations with an empowering mindset and explore how we're able to respond proactively to create a happier and less stressed life for ourselves!

Episode 6 - Setting Goals + Reaching Goals

The process of reaching for goals and working for goals will get hard and uncomfortable and unless we have a strong, self-empowering, growth mindset—more often than not, we'll just quit when it gets too uncomfortable or too hard.

It's our mindset that is the foundation of successfully accomplishing our goals!

In this episode, I share with you 4 Self-Empowering Rules around Setting Goals + Reaching Goals that will help support a strong, committed mindset!

Episode 5 - Taking a Leap of Faith

Back in September 2019 I had the amazing opportunity to speak at an event in DC called “Inspire Me! Life Lessons from Your Peers”. I was asked to prepare a 5 minute TEDTalk-type presentation about something that I’m passionate about. What fun to dive so deep into that thought and get the chance to chat with a room full of people about it! Right?!

So today I am sharing with you my pretend TEDTalk about "Taking That Leap of Faith!" Take a listen--I hope it leaves you feeling inspired to reach for a dream of your own.

Episode 4 - Putting All This Into Action!

Let's take a moment to look back on all the powerful information we've learned so far in the course:

- 7 Foundational Practices for Self-Empowerment
- Self-Reflection/Self-Observation
- Thought Reps
- Trigger Moments
- Thought Playlists

Now that we've touched base on all these important, complex concepts and tools, let's take a look at the more practical ways you can put it all into action. And then we'll finish up with some inspiring "Food for Thought."

Episode 3 - Tools For Empowering Your Thoughts

As you begin doing your thought work and becoming more self-aware, you'll notice that you'll have some situations in your life that you really struggle maintaining a level-headed mindset with.

In this episode, we will learn about some helpful tools you can use when you find yourself deep in those negative thoughts and having trouble managing your thoughts—there are some powerful, proactive things you can do to help set yourself up for success and continue growing in your thought management practice.

Episode 2 - Self Awareness + Thought Management

The number one most important thing in self-empowerment is that your thoughts are what create your entire world. The second most important thing is that you're aware of that!

I know that sometimes it feels like life is just happening around us and our thoughts are just simple observations, as though we don't get to decide how to feel about it--but I'm here to remind you--in life, things happen and then you get to CHOOSE how to respond to it. And being aware of that gives you so much power in your life and your mind.

Episode 1 - What Is Self-Empowerment Really?

So what is self-empowerment, really? I feel like self-empowerment sounds like this strong, amazing thing and we all know what it is, but would we really be able to explain it?

In this episode, we get down to the basics and focus on the true meaning of self-empowerment and we explore the 7 Foundational Practices you can focus on to really embrace self-empowerment in your day-to-day life.

Welcome! Let me Introduce Myself

Hello my beautiful friends! Welcome to The Fullness & Grace Podcast!

I am your coach, Laura Genovese, and I am so excited to have you here with me listening along. I am a certified life coach with a focus on self-empowerment and I help people FIND their true self, LOVE their true self and EMPOWER their true self. It’s my passion and my joy in life, so I’m very excited to start this amazing audio journey with you today!

Before we jump into the real meat and potatoes, let me give you a quick background of my story and my journey of finding my true self and how I got to this place where I whole heartedly celebrate self-empowerment.