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Notes of gratitude (they warm the soul)

inspiration May 03, 2020

I recently signed up for a free online Yale course called The Science of Well-Being. It’s a 10-week course taught by the fabulous Laurie Santos, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University, that walks through the science behind happiness, and focuses on incorporating specific wellness activities into your life that will increase your own happiness and build productive habits. It’s been so interesting, and Laurie has such a lovely ease about her—she’s a pleasure to learn from! **I believe the course is still available for free enrollment if you're interested!

This week’s activity of focus that increases happiness is: Gratitude Letter

Prof Santos explains that a gratitude letter is one of the most powerful tools for increasing happiness because it can both forge social bonds and create happiness for another person as well. In the course, the gratitude letter is a more in-depth letter you write and send--but it also reminded me of how great a short note of gratitude and love can be too.

Especially during this time of COVID-19, when we’re all forced to stay home and apart from lots of people we love, I thought this was such a fun way to add connection, happiness and love to my day (as well as my loved ones’ days!) My goal is to send a few cards each week to let a few people know I’m thinking of them, that I miss them, and to tell them a little something I appreciate and love about them.

And even once things go back to normal and we're no longer forced to be separated, this could be a wonderful habit to keep. Maybe it looks like once a month sending a hand written note to someone spreading your love. It's the ongoing habit of recognizing and appreciating the ones you're lucky to share life with.

Care to join me in this goal? Here are a few fun card sets I found in case you need to grab some new ones too!


Good Mail Assorted Thank-You Cards, Box of 12 - $18.99


Single-Panel Notecards (Triangle Trim, 50 Cards and Envelopes) - $9.99 


Studio Ink Assorted Thank You and Blank Card Set, 20 Cards with Envelopes - $7.71

10ct Bicycle Blank Notes - $3.99


**Post pictures of your beautiful cards on Instagram and tag @fullnessandgrace -- I'm excited to see the love you spread!



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