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Setting Up the F&G Shop!

inspiration May 02, 2020

As I'm sitting here on this beautiful, sunny afternoon, with the windows open and the sound of birds and wind and laughter from neighbors flowing into my office--I am filled with pure joy. 

Full disclosure: as I'm typing this, I'm currently only about halfway through building the new Fullness & Grace website. I'm just going step by step, thoughtfully creating each page, trying to make each page/idea/concept proud. And here we are! The day I need to create the Blog!

This blog is going to serve as the home for all inspirational, thought-provoking, adventure seeking, self-development focused, life-giving, fullness-enriched content. The main goal for this blog is to be a place for the Fullness & Grace Community to visit and find mighty inspiration all in one place. By exploring all the beautiful blogs, podcasts, magazines, websites, books, speakers that are out there--this blog will gather all the favorites into one place, wrapping it's arms around it like a big hug, and lovingly sharing it with you each day/week/month/year.

Welcome! It's so wonderful to have you here!

Love and hugs--Laura


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