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Self-development and self-commitment is so important. It's easy to get comfortable in life and simply day dream about the life you wish you could have.  

The Fullness & Grace Project's main focus is to provide you with inspiration + education to help you continuously grow and develop in your life. If you're ready to stop day dreaming, and start CREATING the life and soul you dream of for yourself - this is exactly where you need to be!

Join me on the daily journey of practicing self-development and self-acceptance and get the tools and support that will help you live a life of happiness and fulfillment.

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Hi there, friend. I'm so glad you stopped by!

My journey of self-development and self-acceptance started many years ago and it continues to be a priority of mine every day.

Life in my twenties was tough. It was a constant struggle of self-doubt, self-comparison and self-destruction. So much I struggled with that I thought I didn't have any control over.

And then one day, I learned the concept of self-coaching. This concept changed my life. I learned that my thoughts are the only thing creating the world I'm living in. I learned that the only person's love and acceptance I need is my own. I learned that I deserve a beautiful life and it's as simple as just living it!

Join me on the daily journey of practicing self-development and self-acceptance. I will share with you all the incredible self-coaching concepts, tools and resources I use every day that help me to continue living a life of happiness and fulfillment.

We're all here living this life together, and I'm a friend that wants to help you live the beautiful life you deserve.

Hope to chat with you soon!


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Whether you're excited for a splash of inspiration for your daily routine, or you're in need of guided support to help you overcome a specific struggle you've been carrying -- there is something here for you.

True You Coaching Program

12-week one-on-one program to kickstart your soul & start embracing the life you want to live!

A one-on-one coaching program where you'll learn the foundations of self-coaching, as well as receive personalized support to create a self-development plan that includes: exploration of your current goals/challenges, creation of a plan of action to achieve those goals and receive guidance from Laura on how to sustain these new changes in your life.

Tell me more!

Self-Coaching Foundations

In-depth online course to teach you the
foundations of self-coaching

Coming soon! This online course will provide coaching videos to teach you the foundations of self-coaching so that you can practice it in your daily life. It's so valuable (even life-changing) to understand those core concepts, and this course will walk you through each step so you can feel confident in the tools and knowledge. 

Let me know when it's here!

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