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One of the greatest feelings in this world is the feeling of being inspired. And this is the place to make you feel just that.

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The Fullness & Grace Project is here to provide you with inspiration to feed your soul, and the knowledge to coach yourself through life so that you can be your strongest, happiest self.

What it's all about:

Created and curated by Laura Genovese, a passionate life coach, The Fullness & Grace Project provides inspirational content paired with practical self-coaching concepts to arm women with the tools and knowledge to practice ongoing self-development and self-empowerment so they can live the vibrant lives they dream of.

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Whether you're excited for a splash of inspiration for your daily routine, or you're in need of guided support to help you overcome a specific struggle you've been carrying recently -- there is something here for you.

Fullness & Grace Membership

Weekly inspiration with guided reflections

A monthly membership that provides weekly packages of goodies! Each month is dedicated to a different self-empowering theme and each week you will receive curated content from Laura that incorporates self-coaching tools and inspirational prompts that will bring light and growth to your every day. 

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"True You" Self-Guided Online Course

In-depth course to teach you the
foundations of self-coaching

The "True You" self-guided online course provides personalized coaching videos to teach you the foundations of self-coaching so that you can practice it in your daily life. It's so valuable (even life-changing) to understand those core concepts, and this course walks you through each step so you can feel confident in the tools and knowledge. 

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One-on-One Coaching with Laura

Personalized one-on-one coaching

Laura has a passion for life coaching and loves working with people to help them overcome a challenge they might be facing or accomplish a dream they might be reaching for. Work with Laura to receive individualized support to help you reach the life you want (and deserve).

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